Being predominantly a Thai-Chinese area, Soi St. Louis’ street food naturally leans that way, too. From Teochew-style braised goose, khao moo daeng, and fish ball noodles to desserts like lod chong Singapore, you can get all the greatest hits from Yaowarat without having to make the hectic, sweat-filled trip across town. Here are some of the best street food finds in Soi St. Louis.



Boon Eak Restaurant


Stationed at Soi St. Louis 3 for over three decades, Boon Eak is known for their juicy and succulent Teochew-style braised goose (B120 small, B200 medium, B340 large) and braised duck (B100 small, B150 medium, B240 large). Locals also flock over for other classic Thai-Chinese soups (B30-40) and moo krob (B80) 

67 Chan 18/7 Rd. (Soi St. Louis 3). Open daily 8am-5pm. 083-078-0291


Credit: Si Morakot


Si Morakot


Si Morakot is the definition of a hole-in-the-wall institution. The 70-year-old institution’s shop at Soi St. Louis sells their legendary khao moo daeng (rice with barbecued, slow-roasted three times). A plate of extra-large khao moo daeng topped with soft boiled duck egg will set you back B120, and a plate of khao moo daeng moo krob will cost just B50. 

33 Chan 18/7 Rd. (Soi St. Louis 3). Open daily 10am-5:30pm. 085-503-3333



Yoo Nguan 


The family behind Yoo Nguan has been making their own fish balls on the daily for over 60 years. That gives their bouncy fish ball noodles (B50), sweet-savory yentafo (B50), and guay tiew tom yum (B50) an edge over many Sino-Thai noodle experiences in the city. 

314 Chan 18/7 Rd. (Soi St. Louis 3). Open daily 9am-10pm, closed every last Wednesday of the month. 081-933-2632


Credit: Noppharat Beef Balls St. Louis


Noppharat Beef Noodles


Noppharat is a legend around this area for their freshly-made beef balls. A bowl of beef ball noodles here will only cost you B50 per bowl—part of the reason it gets slammed at lunchtime. 

157 Chan 18/7 Rd. (Soi St. Louis 3). Open Thurs-Tue 9am-4:30pm, 093-427-9768



Salapao Shanghai


The soft, doughy all-day treats here are stuffed with seven toothsome fillings: moo sab, moo daeng, mixed vegetables, black bean, yellow bean, taro, and cream (B15/piece). You can also grab some classic raisin and pumpkin mantou (B15), too. 

308 Chan 18/7 Rd. (Soi St. Louis 3). Open Mon-Fri 11am-5pm. 097-187-8444  


Credit: Odeng St. Louis Soi 3


Odeng St. Louis Soi 3


Although it’s delivery-only, Thai-style barbecue and sukiyaki joint Odeng St. Louis Soi 3 has become uber-popular for its fresh meat, vegetables, and soup. You can choose from a variety of sizes, depending on the party you’re feeding: S (B300), M (B350), L (B400), and XL (B500). 

Open for delivery daily from 11am-8pm. 086-839-3999


Credit: Hia Wan Fish Porridge 


Hia Wan Fish Porridge


Locals love late-night specialist Hia Wan for their classic fish porridge (B120), mixed seafood porridge (B120), spicy salmon salad (B100), and ba teng (Thai-Chinese style pork boiled with soy sauce, B60). 

2 Chan Rd. Open daily 4:30-11:30pm. 02-211-0829


Credit: Goong Ob Woonsen 59 Baht St. Louis


Goong Ob Woonsen 59 Baht


The name of this place gives it away: this is one of few places selling goong ob woonsen (casseroled shrimp with vermicelli) for such an absurdly low price (B59). Top options like the goong talay ob woonsen (casseroled saltwater shrimp with vermicelli, B120) and stir-fried squid curry (B120) go for a little more, though.

Chan 18/7 Rd. (Soi St. Louis 3). Open daily 4-10pm. 085-152-7544



Khao Kha Moo Trok Gai Bang Rak


You can never go wrong with a plate of khao kha moo, and the classic mixed kha moo (pork leg meat, pork skin, and soft boiled egg, B50), with rice (B10) and seaweed soup (B20), at this humble spot has just the right level of sweetness, spice, and fattiness.

Chan 18/7 Rd. (Soi St. Louis 3). Open daily 8am-4pm. 089-114-9654


Credit: My Eating Diary


Liverpool Food


Locals instantly recognize this place for the extensive collection of Liverpool F.C. memorabilia inside. But there’s more than just a mini football museum here. Try the stir-fried crab meat with chili and garlic (B300), shrimp omelette (B170), and stir-fried shrimp with garlic (B150).  

2044/6 Chan 23 Rd. Open daily 11am-10pm. 083-111-1771



Lod Chong Singapore Halal Saint Louis 3


The lod chong Singapore at this stall is widely known, as made clear by all the media brands plastered on the future board sign above the stall. For more than stringy sweet noodles, try the bua loi maphraow on (B30), the classic dessert of warm rice balls with young coconut milk.

Chan 18/7 Soi 22 Rd. (Soi St. Louis 3). Open daily 12-5pm. 093-328-8655