“Jill’s sister is not the only thing missing from Gone: Tension, thrills, scares and a remotely satisfying ending are also MIA.” Matt Singer, Time Out Chicago

“...suspension of disbelief seems damn near impossible.” Jimmy O, JoBlo’s Movie Emporium

“The title refers to your 12 bucks. This movie is as amateurish as Amanda Seyfried is pretty.” Scott Weinberg, FEARnet

“Gone is a mystery/thriller that is neither mysterious nor thrilling.” Matthew Pejkovic, Matt’s Movie Reviews

“As rote and unimaginative as its title.” Thomas Leupp, Hollywood.com

“A thriller so fixated on red herrings that viewers may stop caring if anyone’s really in danger.” John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

“Which stinks worse? The absurdly large pile of red herrings Gone amasses? Or the film’s sub-Scooby Doo conclusion?” Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly


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