Stumbling out of a Khao San bar and need to pad your stomach? Here are the most delicious spots to get your post-party comfort food.

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Khao Tom Wat Bowon

This place has a more-than 60-year reputation for serving authentic Teochew-style Chinese food at really friendly prices. The aromatic tom chub chai (soy sauce vegetable soup), for example, is only B30 for small bowl and B60 for the bigger bowl. Other must-try dishes include the bamboo shoot soup (B60/100) and minced pork steamed with salted egg (B20).
243 Phra Sumen Rd, Wat Bowon Niwet, 02-629-1739. Open daily 4:30pm-3am

Khao Tom Fah Mui

In search of a late-night bowl of khao tom after partying? Check out this Old Town favorite on Phra Sumen Road. Sure, the food can sometimes take a long time to roll out of the kitchen, but their fried salted olive with minced pork (B60/80), stir-fried morning glory (B60 or B80 with crispy pork) and stir-fried clams with roasted chili paste (B90-100) are always worth waiting for.
587 Phra Sumen Rd, Wat Bowon Niwet, 02-282-1206. Open Tue-Sun 5pm-3am

Tip Samai Pad Thai Pratu Phee

This is probably the most famous Pad Thai place in Bangkok, open since yearTK. Its reputation lies in the charcoal stove, which imparts every serving of stir-fried noodles with a smoky intensity that Khao San’s ubiquitous pad Thai stands can only dream of. Prices start at B60 for regular pad Thai and go up to B300, for which you get king-sized prawn minced squid meat, crab meat and chopped mango.
313-315 Mahachai Rd., 02-226-6666, Open daily 5pm-2am

Joke Gao Mor

Hot soup is the perfect thing to calm your stomach after a heavy night of drinking—especially joke (rice congee). Joke Gao Mor has been in business for 25 years thanks to its unctuous rice porridge and pocket-friendly prices. Every dish ranges from B30-75. For B30 you get just rice and egg, no pork, while for B75 you get three types of egg—normal egg and salted egg and century egg.
Next to Swensen’s Ice cream place on Bang Lam Phu on Rambutri Rd., 081-903-54-62. Open Thu-Tue 5pm-3amจิว-สุกี้กะทะร้อน-โจ๊กบางลำพู

Jiw Suki

From first serving congee 20 years ago, this restaurant has since developed into a sukiyaki specialist where late-night crowds flock to try their bubbling veggie soup doused in homemade suki sauce. For chicken or pork it’s B60 while seafood is B70.
Wat Bawon Niwet Roundabout, Rambutri Rd., in front of 7-11, 081-629-5801. Open Tue-Sun 7pm-3am


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