Want to know which restaurants Bangkokians are really interested in the most? Then this is the list for you. What you're looking at here is the 15 most-read restaurant pages on bkmagazine.com in 2018, according to our web analytics. Most read equals most popular, right? We'll let you be the judge of that. So here they are, in order... 

15. Aesop's

This Greek restaurant brought its ouzo-fueled party atmosphere to Bangkok in May... and Sala Daeng hasn't been the same since.



14. Ocken

The group behind the much-loved Roast and Roots went all refined when they opened on Sathorn. The space is a confluence of green and terracotta tiles, tactile woods, lashings of stainless steel and the kind of good taste and limitless budget that makes you ashamed of your own apartment. The food varies



13. Saawaan

Head chef Sujira “Aom” Pongmorn reinvents fermented beef salads, crab fat dips, grilled pork neck and spicy-sour soups as delicate tasting portions that compete with the top tier of Bangkok fine dining.



12. Sri Trat

Featuring delicious-yet-underrated Eastern Thai dishes such as chamuang leaf curry and creamy lon chili dip, this restaurant has even been known to turn back hungry customers if their reservations are made too late in the day. 



11. Suhring

No. 1 in Top Tables in its guide debut; and still no. 1 a year later. 54th best restaurant in World's 50 Best. Two Michelin stars. Twin German chefs Thomas and Mathias Suhring's modern German cuisine needs no more introduction. 



10. 80/20

Never mind that they spent half the year undergoing renovations, Charoenkrung's champion of all things local and delicious still managed to capture the imagination. #5 in Top Tables 2018. 



9. Gaa

A debut Michelin star topped off a stellar year for Garima Arora and her creative, trans-Asian cuisine which applies the finesse and detail of fine dining to street food. #14 in Top Tables 2018. 



8. Octo Seafood Bar

You can't miss the giant octopus that greets you on Sukhumvit Soi 24. This seafood specialist comes from the people behind seafood heavyweights Kodang Talay and Happy Fish.



7. Maison Chatenet

The all-day bakery and cafe Charoenkrung's been crying out for. The pastries take center stage, including, of course, the croissant: flaky, chewy goodness that’s the result of a painstaking three-day baking process.



6. Wanghinghoi

This restaurant is tucked in a secret garden dotted with real fireflies. It's only temporary, though, with a planned lifespan of 18 months—around the same as a firefly. 



5. Sorn Fine Southern Cuisine

Baan Ice founder Supaksorn Jongsiri’s five-course southern Thai sharing menus are causing a hi-so sensation thanks to bold flavors, traditional techniques—fermentation, coconut milk squeezed on-site daily—and a decadent, exclusive dining room. Duly awarded a Michelin star. 



4. Cagette Canteen and Deli

At Soi Yen Akat’s French deli-meets-bistro the flavors are classic, the portions big and the produce everything.



3. Jay Fai

A year on from claiming Bangkok's first ever Michelin-star for street food, Auntie Fai repeated the dose. The queues don't bear repeating. 



2. Hass Bistro

The avocado fad to end all avocado fads. This spot which opened up shop on Sukhumvit has an all-day-dining menu dedicated to the creamy green fruit.



1. Mihara Tofuten

Gaggan Anand, four-time winner of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, partners with his long-time buddy Takeshi Fukushima (of La Maison de la Nature Goh in Fukuoka, Japan) to open a fine-dining restaurant where every course is about tofu. The results broke the internet—and have the potential to send you broke.