From funky Laotian to katsu nirvana, here are the restaurants we rated out of ★★★★★ over the past two months.

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Over the last two months we've enjoyed funky Laotian flavors on Thonglor, gone off the grid for katsu nirvana and discovered a "cheaper" omakase option. See all of our reviews, listed according to star rating, below. 

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Funky Lam ★★★★

We said: "An intoxicating blend of new and old just made for the start of a big night out."

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Hanoi House ★★★★

We said: "Vietnamese staples that play it traditional, simple and wholesome—no mashup fusion flavors here."

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Kimukatsu ★★★

“If your idea of comfort-food nirvana involves scoffing down golden-crisp cutlets of pork, make the detour to CentralPlaza Rama 3.”

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Ocken ★★★

"We’re sure that, with a little practice, you could navigate your way to a wonderful meal at Ocken—just be prepared to eat a few duds before you get there."

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Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime ★★★

“You can certainly find more meticulous sushi counters in Bangkok. Likewise you can find plenty that are cheaper. But we’re not sure you can find this level of chefy confidence and fresh produce at quite the same price point.

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Lola by Cocotte ★★

"For all its polish, the latest opening from the team that brought us Cocotte and Pesca feels too much like a bunch of old ideas wearing thin."

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The Steakhouse Co. ★★

"Fancy beef is where Steakhouse Co. is at its best... Other than this, the kitchen won’t wow you with panache."

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Thuyen ★★

“Thuyen breaks the mold for Vietnamese restaurants abroad…It’s relaxed and welcoming, we just wish they hadn’t deviated from traditional flavors as well.”

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