From "hyper local" hotel cuisine to champion Japanese curry rice, here are the restaurants we ranked out of ★★★★★ this month.

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Over the past month we've had our socks knocked off by a "hyper local" hotel restaurant, chowed down champion Japanese curry rice in a sterile mall setting, traversed Thai-Burmese flavors in a tropical-colonial house and awakened nostalgia with NY-style pizza. See all of our reviews, listed according to star rating, below. 

Taan ★★★★


"Uncompromising, inventive, soulful and balanced, the nine-course B1,700 “Sam Rup” set menu is the polar opposite of most hotel Thai dining experiences."

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Hinoya Curry ★★★


"What Hinoya Curry lacks in charm, it makes up with rich, reliable flavors and quick, efficient service."

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Plu ★★★


"Plu makes for an impressive dining experience that combines a special setting with some new and exciting flavors."

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Soho Pizza ★★★


"Soho nails the look and feel, the slices are crispy, greasy and satisfying, but they whiff the 'cheap and cheerful' part."

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