From those who have stood the test of time, to those who haven't—here are the restaurants we ranked out of ★★★★★ this month.

This month, BK Magazine revisited a Bangkok institution that's currently celebrating 20 years, dropped by a low-key Korean eatery and headed to the latest location for a popular party lounge-slash-fusion restaurant. Like always, each of these reviews was conducted anonymously and to our exacting food review standards (you can read about those here). If you have any questions or you want to disagree with us, email it to Your response might even end up in print. 


Eat Me ★★★★★

"Our first sweet and creamy mouthful of the oxtail and roasted bone marrow done up in a red curry flavor had us ready to proclaim a bold new direction for Thai food... After all this time, Eat Me serves up a slick package that’s conducive to good times, with diligent, five-star service to boot."

Norang Narang ★★★

"Compared to top casual Korean spots like, say, Banjoo and Ko Kung, Norang Narang perhaps falls short of nailing consistently rewarding flavors, but thanks to its fun, casual setup and caring service it’s a place where you really feel welcomed. This far from Sukhumvit, that’s probably the best you can hope for."

Koi ★★

"Service is charming but not efficient, and as we sat waiting for our food, we couldn’t help thinking Koi is not up to Bangkok’s current pace. If we were being kind, we’d say it needs refining. If we were being honest, we’d say it feels like a blast from the past."
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