Even hotel brunches are getting on the healthy eating bandwagon. Le Meridien has just unveiled what it's calling a "Healthy Sunday Brunch." 

Forget bacon, full-fat fry-ups or even an egg station, this one’s big on sashimi and other fresh seafood, awesome detox juices and lean meats. (Don't worry, there’s still pan-fried foie gras—if you don't mind the judgmental stares.) Desserts highlight wholewheat waffles, vegan avocado chocolate tarts and fruit-topped yogurt. 

In between return trips to the "shake-it-yourself" salad bar, you can get a BMI test and have a one-on-one consultation with BNH Hospital nutritionists or get some workout tips from the pack of swole dudes in True Fitness uniforms.

Diners are also given a diet roadmap that suggests dishes based on conditions like high blood pressure or stress.

Taking place every last Sunday of the month, the next healthy brunch will be on Aug 28 (10am-2.30pm) at B1,350 per person (including one Boston lobster per table).

Latest Recipe, 40/5 Surawong Rd., 02-232-8888

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