Guests took to the Hyatt Regency’s stunning 29th floor Spectrum Lounge & Bar last night to toast the launch of BK Restaurant Week 2019.

Invitees from all 60+ participating restaurants and beyond were plied with delicious food from Spectrum and R-Haan. Drinks provided by Bavarian Craft Co. (Hacklberg beer), Pernod Ricard (Campo Viejo wine), S.E.A. Beverage (Whitley Neill gin and Lamb & Watt tonic), Royal Gateway Co. (Hoshi Ume Sparkling wine) and cocktails from Spectrum did nothing to sober us up but everything to keep the party pumping, while sultry live jazz helped keep things classy.

Big thanks to our main sponsor, Citibank—don’t forget to check out the great Restaurant Week offers for Citibank card holders.