Andrew Hiransomboon, Managing Director & Publisher

  1. Locally sourced ingredients, beautifully presented modern-ish Thai food, smart service, with a 25-story view to boot! At B1,000 this is a sweet opportunity to get in now on the cheap before Taan is famous. And take the alcohol package: 3 glasses, nice wines, totally worth it.  

  2. 100 Mahaseth is another underrated venue, and I love when they do a multi-course format. Deep, multi-layered, funky, spicy, herbal, meaty nose-to-tail dishes with pretty and sometimes playful plating. What they did for Top Tables Champions was awesome.

  3. I know the format for this is supposed to be 3 restaurants but there are too many! So instead, specific dishes that are on my must-try list: Sweetbreads at Char (with prawns, brown butter & lemon); Karmakamet’s starters (the 3-roe Cold Explosion sounds yummy but also donuts with seafood …. WHAT?), and The Meatchop Butcher & Spirits’ Tongue Marmalade (with onion confit, horseradish and padron peppers). Finally, for bargain hunters: There are some nifty deals at B750++ - check out Broken Eggs and Akira Back. And at 25 Degrees, it’s B1,000++ for 2 people.

Craig Sauers, Managing Editor, BK

  1. R.Haan – R.Haan’s menu is filled with old-school Thai dishes you won’t find anywhere else. Not to mention it isn’t every day you can enjoy a three-course meal created by an “Iron Chef” at a Michelin-starred restaurant—especially not for only B,1000.

  2. Sensi – It’s hard to say this place has flown under the radar when it's landed on Top Tables three years running and netted tons of BKRW Diners’ Choice accolades. But somehow Sensi has managed to retain its romantic, away-from-it-all vibe while serving some of the best Italian food Bangkok has to offer.

  3.  La Bottega di Luca – Eating at La Bottega is almost a religious experience. The menu is packed with fresh produce that chef Andrea Ortu—a born and raised Sardinian—treats with the kind of care it deserves. And with its vibrant artwork, soft lighting and spacious balcony, this is definitely a go-to for date nights. 


Angela Symons, Editor, BK

  1. Jua – Chef Chet Atkins knows how to take something incredible and push it to the next level. I went here for BKRW last year and I’m still dreaming of the ultra-tender octopus, grilled mini corn (how can it taste so good?!) and yuzu trifle. Every dish is a guaranteed hit and the atmosphere is really fun.

  2. Sensi – I’d pick this menu solely for the tiramisu, but all three courses look delicious. A set menu here would usually cost upwards of B2,000, so this is a great chance to try it out at half the price.

  3. Taan – Locally-focused modern Thai cuisine is having a moment and this place is one to watch. I’m yet to go, and BK Restaurant Week is the perfect excuse to try it out.


Dhipkawee Sriyananda Selley, Senior Writer, BK

  1. Jamie’s Italian - If you’re a fan of good, frills-free Italian comfort food like me, then Jamie’s Italian should already be one of your go-to spots. B750 for an exclusive three-course meal? You definitely can’t miss this! 

  2. Aesop’s - Whether you’re with your family or a group of friends, you’re guaranteed to have a great time at Aesop's. The food is great and the drinks are amazing. I’m already looking forward to trying their B1,000 Greek feast! 

  3. The Brasserie - For only B1,000, you’ll get to enjoy The Brasserie’s mouthwatering three-course French menu, with amazing views of the city’s skyline right from the ultra-posh Waldorf Astoria Bangkok. It’s a no brainer.


Nathapong Suppavatee, Editor, Soimilk

  1. SUL BKK - Why would you travel to South Korea? For me, it’s all about exploring amazing Korean restaurants. SulBkk is about a close as you can get in Bangkok. I really like the fine-dining twist they put on Korean food, plus the BKRW‌ deal is a great value chance to try it. 

  2. Koi - Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge fan of Asian food. The way Koi blends two very different food cultures, Japanese and Californian-style, is a really neat concept. This is one I can’t wait to try during BKRW. 

  3. Karmakamet Diner - They’ve proven they don’t just make good aromatherapy products, but also really nice dinners as well! If you haven’t tried some of the creative dishes from chef Jutamas Theantae, you owe it to yourself. B1,000 at BKRW is a steal. 



Dietrich Neu, Managing Editor, Studio

  1. Happy Endings — Flat out one of the better deals considering they include a cocktail in the B750 package. Not a “special occasion” meal like R. Haan or Sensi, but sit me down with a steaming bowl of ox tongue pho and a drink surrounded by the retro '70s feel and you have a good start to a casual weeknight. 

  2. Jua – Jua is still one of my favorite spots along Charoenkrung, so of course I’m going to hit up Chet Atkins’ BKRW menu (with a healthy helping of sake), wobble to Tropic City after and end my night in some kind of stupor. 

  3. Billy’s Smokehouse — I’m a sucker for American barbecue pretty much any time of the week. Burnt ends, a half-rack of ribs, dessert and beer sounds like a good time to me. 


Willy Thorn, Associate Editor, BK

I pretty much only eat Thai food. But I lived in Rome as a child, and to me Italy’s cuisine is the only one on par with Thailand’s. Even reading a menu aloud can transport me. So I’m going to take a trip back to d’Italia; viva Totti and Fonseca.
  1. Cantina Wine Bar & Italian Kitchen – Italy has the world’s most beautiful cellars. Maybe because they hold so much wine, and olive oil and vinegar-packed vegetables and hanging cured meats. Italian cellars are generally good places to be; they’re treasure troves and hideaways. And too, they represent so many things in Italian culture—catacombs and ancient secrets, the pure perfection only time and patience can birth, even Machiavelli (on ‘forced public leave’) taking a candlestick through an underground route to the nearest taverna to play cards, after writing all day. Italians turn cellars into living spaces—even party spaces. Ari’s Cantina captures some of that.

  2.  La Casa Nostra — Don’t confuse La Casa Nostra with the Cosa Nostra (it happens). This is the best Italian menu offered for BK Restaurant Week. It’s all in the ingredients—honey and figs, pesto and three kinds of cheese, just to start. Italians are the world’s best at hazelnut, fresh tomatoes, anchovies, squid ink and mussels. Plus gelato for dessert? Pony up for a limoncello, and call it a night.

  3.  Pizza Massilia Sukhumvit – Italians were once the world’s best emigrants. It’s crazy to think; now the only places they travel are California, New York and their own beaches. But once upon a time they spilled deep into Africa, and across the western world; all the way to southern Argentina, practically the Arctic. And they found some useful things in their travels. Torino’s Luca Appino and Sardinia’s Andrea Ortu generally pluck whatever they want from France and America (and even Asia) and that is fine with me. So long as there is culatello salumi and homemade bread. It’s just a shame the menu is limited to one starter and one main. They should serve seven courses for the seven continents.