Prep your Monday sick day messages, because Mikkeller’s popular beer and waffle Sunday brunch is back on Nov 10 (from 11am).

The brunch rolls out classic dishes like fried chicken with chef Dan Bark’s signature waffles (B340), eggs Benedict with crispy bacon (B320) and a stout and banana dessert (B320), all prepared by the masterminds at Michelin-starred Upstairs. While that restaurant might be known for its impeccable, progressive American bent, the team also supplies Mikkeller with its outstanding bar food (we’ll go out on a limb and say the burgers at the bar rival any in this city). Expect the same exacting standards, but applied to a casual, outdoor barbecue-like party supplemented with world-class craft beer.

Food is a la carte, and two-hour free-flow packages (draft beer and Bloody Mary’s, B1,200) are available throughout the day.

Throw in a pet-friendly garden with beanbags you can lounge in plus a solid indie soundtrack, and you’ve got the cool boozy brunch experience you’re never going to find in a five-star hotel.

Walk-ins are welcome, but you can go here to reserve a table, too.


Reservation can be made at 091-713-9034