Bangkok’s sushi scene of the past six months has been consumed by an omakase arms-race, with each new restaurant gunning to outdo the others in price and quality. In that spirit, we bring you the most expensive omakase courses in Bangkok.

Meruto Sushi

The chef: Self-trained Thai chef Kirati Butdeevong, who honed and tested his sushi skills for years before opened this place himself without experience from any Japanese restaurants before.
The space: An austere, light-wood interior emphasizes the sushi counter, which takes six diners per sitting.
The courses: B9,900 for 18 courses.
The selling point: The three types of uni, giant, nori-wrapped Hokkaido scallop with green tea salt and Botan shrimp nigiri mixed with its guts.
G/F, Sathorn Gardens, 39 Sathorn Rd., 092-369-7924. Open Tue-Sun 12pm-10pm. MRT Silom

Ichika Omakase New!

The chef: Thai-Japanese Akira Kemavuthanon, formerly of Dusit Thani and Conrad.
The space: Simple and elegant. Akira slices and dices on a 150-year-old cedar cutting board. 
The courses: B9,700 for 17 courses.
The selling point:  Its creativity, from steamed egg in foie gras and truffle soup, to fresh clams with Japanese lime and Himalayan salt.
The Rembrandt Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 18, 02-261-7100. Open Tue-Fri 12-2:30pm, 6-10:30pm; Sat-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-10pm

Sushi Matsuo

The chef: Tokyo-born Matsuo Hirokazu, previously of Sushi Kanda.
The space: Tucked inside the already compact Tempura Kanda restaurant, Sushi Matsuo barely has space for a sushi counter and its eight seats.
The courses: B8,800 for 22 courses.
The selling point: Sake-poached abalone with a liver sauce, and fresh uni served in its shell with raw sweet shrimp. Also, samples from the attached tempura restaurant.
G/F, No.88 Mall, 88 Thonglor Soi 5, 02-712-7619. Open Thu-Tue 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-11pm

Mizu by Sankyodai

The chef: Thai chefs with work background at In the Mood for Love, Tensui and Kabuki, chef Charoensri Somsook has helmed Mizu since it first opened since 2015.
The space: Hardwood and monochrome upholstery with a dozen seats and seven spots at the bar.
The courses: B8,000 for 18-20 courses.
The selling point: Attentive service, proud crafts and excellent produce. Everything from the beautiful crockery and traditional sushiya uniforms to the splendid fish knives seems to gently whisper, “We’re using only the best stuff, here.” 
2/F, Charn Issara Tower, 942/43 Rama 4 Rd., 02-632-6660. Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm; 5-10pm. BTS Saladaeng

Sushi Ichizu New!

The chef: Toda Riku is the former sous chef at Tokyo’s one-Michelin-starred Sushi Sugita.
The space: Minimalist to a tee: slatted wood and a dining room of light tones with a counter that seats eight. 
The courses: B8,000 for 16 courses.
The selling Point: Though only 26, Riku already boasts 12 years in the Edo-style sushi game, learning all about salt-and-vinegar curing, searing and smoking, and marinating to draw out the finest flavors of each fish.
Sukhumvit Soi 39, 065-738-9999. Open Tue-Sun 5:30-10:30pm

Sushi Zo

The chef: Hokkaido-born Toshi Onishi, previously of the brand’s downtown LA branch.
The space: A low-key facade, an economic use of indoor space and an upbeat vibe.
The courses: B7,000 for 18-20 courses.
The selling point: A style that’s lively and fun, venturing into more adventurous flavors like the olive oil-marinated striped horsemackerel topped with Sichuan pepper.
G/F, Athenee Tower, 63 Wireless Rd., 02-168-8490. Open Tue-Sun 5:30pm-midnight


The chef: Head sushi chef Tomoki Sasada, previously of Ginza Sushi Ichi.
The space: The decor blends cultures with its stylish, wood-paneled booths, Scandinavian-influenced furnishings and wavy ceiling.
The course: B8,000 for 15-17 courses.
The selling point: The sushi is preceded by appetizers like tiny deep-fried sawagani crabs, put together with female snow crab meat, its eggs and vinegar jelly.
4/F, MahaNakon Cube, 96 Narathiwas Ratchanakarin Rd., 02-060-9099. Open daily 11:30am-2:30pm; Sun-Wed 6-11pm; Thu-Sat 6pm-1am. BTS Chong Nonsi

Sushi Kanda 

The chef: Japanese chef Takahiro Hato, who was th winner of Olympic Sushi in Japan in 1990.
The space: Down-to-earth with a black granite bar (seats 12), the perfect vantage from which to observe the knife skills and craftsmanship of this restaurant’s stern-faced team.
The course: B7,300 for 18-20 courses.
The selling point: Lucky diners will get a sushi tutorial from Takahiro himself, as well as extra rolls of the decadent uni (sea urchin) sushi, which is of such good quality that it earns rave reviews across the board. 
2/F, No. 88 Mall, 88 Thonglor Soi 5, 02-712-6639. Open Mon, Tue, Thu 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-11pm; Fri-Sun 5:30-11pm

Tempura Kanda 

The chef: Appretice Thai chefs of the old head chef Jiro Fukuda, who just flew out to Hong Kong last year after working here since 2014, have now helmed the kitchen.
The space: Attached to Sushi Kanda, the only difference is black granite bar comes with a few boiling pots up to fry up golden bites of perfection.  
The course: B7,300 for 18-20 courses.
The selling point: Tempura Kanda’s chef fries up whatever is fresh in the market that day in an airy net of batter. You can expect to try flawless fried sea urchin with caviar, or a whole hair crab fried to the perfection.
1/F, No. 88 Mall, 88 Thonglor Soi 5, 095-720-0557. Open Thu-Sun 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-11pm; Mon-Tue 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-11pm

Ginza Sushi Ichi BK Pick!

The chef: Founding chef Masakazu Ishibashi is a frequent visitor, while the petite team behind the counter regularly rotates with branches in Ginza,SIngapore and Jakarta to guarantee equal expertise.
The space: Small yet inviting, the interior goes heavy on hinoki wood for a calming environment.
The course: B7,000 for 15-17 courses.
The selling point: Its affiliates in Singapore and Tokyo are both darlings of Michelin inspectors.
LG/F, Erawan Bangkok, 454 Phloen Chit Rd., 02-250-0014. Open Tue-Sun noon-2:30pm; Tue-Sat 6-11pm; Sun 6-10pm. BTS Chidlom

Sushi Kappou Kitaohji New!

The chef: Chef Shimuta Kunihiko has been with Kitaohji for over five years while chef Maeno Junji developed most of menu and helms the kitchen here.
The space: Meticulous presentation and high-end ingredients. Hand over control to a formidable troop of Japanese chefs at a very beautiful counter.
The courses: B8,000 for nine courses.
The selling point: The chefs’ mastery isn’t reserved for perfectly sculpted sushi, but extends to the humble steamed egg (its mellow flavor spiked with pickled plum), alive abalone shabu, fish tempura, and a bowl of clear soup that’s utterly comforting.
G/F, 39 Boulevard, Soi Phrom Chit (Sukhumvit Soi 39), 02-160-0308. Open Tue-Sun 5-11pm 

Note: These are the most expensive courses only. Most restaurants also offer shorter courses and lunch deals.