Also, perfect if you're indecisive.

100 Mahaseth’s chef Chalee Kader is taking his mastery of secondary cuts to new heights with a new set menu.

Priced between B1,500 and B1,700 for seven courses, the Isaan and northern Thai flavors of the a la carte menu still dominate, as do exciting dishes that extend well beyond traditional fare.

Starting with a delicately plated but flavor-packed catfish larb served atop a fermented fish crisp, the new menu is a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Made with grilled shallots and tomatoes, the fermented fish relish takes no prisoners on the heat front but is complemented perfectly by sticky rice.

Mains take their cues from Thai cafeteria style, so expect a generous platter stacked with steamed rice, fried tripe and beef jerky curry with watermeal, as well as fermented goat ribs that are brined in fish sauce and hung to dry overnight before being grilled over charcoal. Cutting through all the heavy meat elements, the sides of somtam and herb salad shine brightly with fresh ingredients.

The meal is concluded with a stalk-to-fruit banana dessert, which sees the fruit served four ways with a creamy side of khao kua (toasted rice powder) ice cream.

100 Mahaseth, 100 Mahaset Rd., 02-235-0023.