There can be only one winner. 

Everyone loves the occasional—or daily, we’re not judging—bag of fries. While not everyone agrees on what makes a good fry (apparently there are some limp-lovers in our midst), general consensus elects that they should have a fluffy interior and a golden, slightly crisp shell. We ordered from some of Bangkok’s top fast food joints to find the best pouch of salty goodness.



Make sure you go to town on this bag quick—there’s a window of about five minutes before the piping hot, pleasingly salty and thin fast food snack transforms into a stale ghost of its former self. 
Verdict: Get it while it’s hot.
Price: B79


Burger King RUNNER UP!

The fluffy interior of this not-too-salty fry is wrapped in a semi-crispy coat that provides a real potato quality to your grab-and-go craving.
Verdict: Turning (potato) heads.
Price: B105


Carl’s Jr. WINNER!

The smell was enough to capture us as it filled the room, and the golden, buttery potato interior won over our taste buds in a heartbeat. Between the texture of the skin on this wedge-like potato fry and the real deal flavor, this was a hands-down winner.
Verdict: Stick of glory.
Price: B89


Being the thickest cut of all couldn’t hide the texture of boiled potatoes and the strong fishy taste like you’re eating a soggy pile of fish and chips.
Verdict: Something’s fishy.
Price: B56



There’s not a whole lot inside its wrinkly potato case, so don’t let the evenly golden exterior fool you. It’s a withered old fry with a flavorless personality. 
Verdict: No finger-lickin’ here.
Price: B45

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