It’s the question on every Bangkokian’s lips: who makes the best pumpkin chips? And can they really taste better than the mighty potato? Read on to find the answers to those questions and more in our blind taste test of the biggest local players. 

Green Day

You’ll find just two ingredients in this packet: pumpkin and rice bran oil. The result is light and crispy, slightly salty and super-natural tasting. They have the flattest and thickest texture, which gives these chips a comfortingly homemade feel.
Verdict: Healthy chips. Possibly. 
Price: B30

Mae Napa

Is that a fishy flavor we detect on these toasty-to-the-point-of-being burned ribbons of gourdy goodness? We believe it is, and that’s not the only reason we’re not hooked. If there’s anything good to say about these chips it’s that the sweetness is just right.
Verdict: Something’s fishy here.
Price: B20

My Choice Thai

Thin, curvy, crunchy—it was all going so well until the saccharine violence of this chip’s sugar syrup coating took charge of our taste buds. Sorry, Tops, but these ones definitely aren’t our choice.
Verdict: Save it for dessert.
Price: B49

Pa Yen Sukkasam Yuck!

What’s that rancid smell we detect? Margarine. Margarine! Whoever decided to fry these otherwise nicely sweetened chips in butter’s vegetable oil-based nemesis needs to have their head examined. A decent crunch can only save them so far.
Verdict: Otop of the flops.
Price: B35

Pun Pang BK Pick!

We have a winner! If there’s one thing we know about a good pumpkin chip, it’s that it should taste like pumpkin. That’s where these sticky orange strips shine, along with a glossy coat of honey-sesame glaze that surprisingly doesn’t taste as sweet as it looks.
Verdict: Pumpkin with a punch.
Price: B45

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