Fresh uni

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Sujira “Aom” Pongmorn - Saawaan


Though chef Aom’s feed may be quite reserved, we love stalking where she’s eating and traveling when she’s not cooking up a storm as chef de cuisine and co-owner of Saawan.


A starfish dessert

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Arisara “Paper” Chongphanitkul - Issaya Group (Sawaan)


The IG feed of pastry chef Paper is a vibrant stream of desserts and sweets that goes beyond her own creations at Sawaan, taking followers on a sugary journey around the city.



Crab Omelette  #jayfai #streetfood #streetfoodinbangkok

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Jay Fai - Raan Jay Fai


Thanks to her daughter, the official queen of street food has a buzzing Instagram account that’s flooded with Michelin-trained chefs feasting on her famed crab omelette or selfies with foodie tourists who’ve travelled across the world to watch her cook. And honestly, we can watch her on the wok all day, every day.



And this corn!

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Chudaree “Tam” Debhakam (no restaurant)


Thailand’s first Top Chef winner has been in the social media game for a while now, racking up over 64,000 followers, which puts her in pretty good stead as a role model for aspiring female chefs. Whether she’s doing pop-ups across the city, traveling to the States to work with the likes of chef Dan Barber, or featuring on Thai TV, her love of cooking definitely makes her one to follow.  



Chef Rungthiwa (Fae) Chummongkhon - Front Room (Waldorf Astoria Hotel)


The Thai-born chef who heads up the newly opened Front Room brings experience from stints at Noma and Geranium in Copenhagen. The result? Eye-catching Nordic-inspired creations that blend Thai ingredients with Scandi techniques, topped off with elemental plating that’s as badass as her.



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Ice Supaksorn - Sorn, Baan Ice


There are many reasons to be following this young chef. He’s head of Baan Ice and the recently Michelin-awarded Sorn. Though his greatest passion is Thai food, his feed might say otherwise, featuring a delectable stream of Japanese dishes interjected by the odd pizza and pastry—if you’re feeling hungry, stay away!



Took me a while to be happy with our burgers. Finding the right meat, fat content, sauce, bread and of course how we season and serve out beef patties. As always after months of trails simplistically is best. . . . Australian beef, 30% brisket, 30 short rib and 40% flank. A pretty fatty patty but it works with our sauce and bread pretty well. The right cheese was another great insight. After trying cheddar, Emmental and Gruyére there is nothing quite like Monterey Jack American cheese. Melts quicker and is stringy as fuck. . . . The patty is cooked twice, pan sear for the crust then grilled for the smokiness. Baked the the oven with the Monterey Jack slices and served with our homemade sauce and all important garnish - tomato, lettuce and onion. This is my first ever burger, it may not be the best but I’m really happy with how it has turned out! How give t a try! . . . #freebirdbkk #freebird #soi47 #bangkokcity #bangkoklife #bangkok #bkk #bangkokeats #lovelife #cheflife #lifestory #storytime #amazingthailand #bangkok #travel #thailand #modernbistro #brunch #cafehopping #cafehoppingbangkok #cafe #cafelover #comfrotfood #soulfood

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Top Russell (no restaurant)


The head chef of recently closed Freebird loves to eat and travel, which makes us hardcore followers of his feed. From market finds to the latest buzzing food trend, his Instagram feed tends to feature extremely detailed captions, which we find kind of adorable.



Weerawat “Num” Triyasenawat - Samuay & Sons


Chef Weerawat “Num” Triyasenawat may be based in Isaan, but we love having his feed on our radar. With a focus on traditional Thai cuisine, chef Num is always on a mission to discover long lost ingredients and the most sustainable produce. They also do some pretty cool collaborations that regularly bring the crew down south.



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Dylan Jones - Bo.lan


If you want to get a glimpse of an ideal sustainable Thai kitchen, Bo.lan’s chef Dylan is the man to follow. The Aussie chef peppers his posts documenting the ins-and-outs of restaurant operation with hilarious posts and images that will brighten your day.



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Gaggan Anand - Gaggan, Mihara Tofuten


The Asia's 50 Best winner and fifth in World’s 50 Best has over 160,000 followers and counting. While it’s his dishes that have everyone buzzing, he doesn’t always post about food, often using the platform instead to explore culture, music, travel and the occasional celebrity sighting. He loves to tell stories through his dishes and he especially loves to involve Instagrammers in his stories with fun questions and riddles.



Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn - Le Du


If you aren’t following chef Ton already, then you obviously hate food, luxury travel and dogs. You can usually catch him hanging with Michelin darlings at Jay Fai or sipping some bubbles in business class.



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Sergio Vázquez - La Lupita


This Mexican chef’s feed is filled with pictures of tacos, ceviche, and videos of the chef making homemade corn tortillas. Need we say more?



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Taiki Tsubota - Homeburg


It’s literally hamburger porn. Supplement your diet by scrolling endlessly through people munching on Bangkok’s most wanted burger in Bangkok—since he only makes four burgers per day, getting your fix vicariously is really the best way.



Phanuphon "Black" Bulsuwan - Blackitch Artisan Kitchen


Here’s another northerner that deserves to make the list thanks to chef Black’s dedication to natural, organic produce and fermentation. His feed features plenty of workshops on the process as well as showing off local ingredients, fishing trips and guest chef collaborations. This is one to watch—especially when planning a trip up to Chiang Mai.



Nelson Amorim - Il Fumo


Aspiring chefs who are obsessed with the art of plating can direct their attention to Il Fumo’s Portuguese head chef. With no shortage of aesthetically pleasing inspiration, you’ll be turning your dishes into artwork in no time.



Tim Butler - Eat Me


Chef Tim doesn’t post regularly, but when he does, he goes big. From stunning photos of seafood to giant tins of caviar, he is definitely living his best life. Follow him for behind-the-scenes glimpses of his latest projects with Essenzi or just to check out drool-worthy pics of his dishes at Bangkok’s favorite, Eat Me.


“Amazing Toddy Palms part 2” -Toddy Palm Seeds There are many times that I have tried the fresh young palm seed in Bangkok like the one in the picture on the right side. They were good but most of the time, they were tasteless. During the southern trip ,I saw a couple who sells only fresh young palm seed by the street side, and that’s when I have tasted the best flavors of its. It was sweet and juicy, but still has a nice texture to it. The picture on the left shows the palm seed when it gets more ripen. The seed inside become more dense and develop more crunchy fiber. It was one of the best thing I have ever eaten under fruit. It can be used for savory dishes to dessert. The flavors of itself to me is like a combination of heart of palm and Asian pears. Not only the seeds could benefit us in food sources but also its peels can be made into charcoals. This is one of the plant that could benefit human in many ways to support our needs. We should appreciate more of what nature gives us, but at the same time, we should give back to the nature. We should get out more, to see what is out there beside being surrounded by the square shape concrete boxes. And that is something I recently realized I cannot stand being in it any more. #66clique #8020bkk #chef #cheflife #toddy #seed #palm #south #new #reinterpretation #Thai #cuisine #bangkok

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Napol Jantraget - 80/20


The 80/20 chef represents Thai food in a sophisticated way and we are totally digging it. When you skim through his social media, it almost looks like a curated collage of art and food.



Jarrett Wrisley - Soul Food Mahanakorn


Chef Jarrett is best known for his restaurant Soul Food, but what you might not know is that he's also part owner of Appia and an extremely talented writer. His down to earth feed reflects his sense of humor and enjoyment of life, filled with picturesque views of the Italian countryside, homemade pastas and family time.