Coffee snobs, look away now.

Coffee snobs, look away now. For the rest of you who are too cheap even to buy a DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica, we’ve got some good news: there is such a thing as drinkable instant granules. Take our advice and find your way to instant-coffee Nirvana—or at least a cup of Joe that doesn’t completely suck. 

Took Jai 

The watery, thin-body of this coffee offers a taste that’s very much like its appearance: flat and mild. Sour? No. Bitter? No. The smell, meanwhile, is akin to a burnt car-tire.
Verdict: A questionable cup.
Price: B155 (200g)




Despite the lack of aroma and overall bland taste, there is a trace of dark bitterness to this one, with a light tang on the finish to remind you that you are actually drinking coffee. 
Verdict: Fake presence. 
Price: B129 (200g)




Straight up bitter, there’s really no complexity happening here, with the acidity lost beneath a weak tide of one-dimensional, vaguely coffee-like flavor. 
Verdict: Bitter pill.
Price: B149 (200g)



My Choice Thai

Mmm that’s smooth. As close to freshly brewed coffee as you’re gonna get out of a freeze-dried packet, these lightly aromatic granules actually taste subtle and nicely rounded with just a touch of bitterness.
Verdict: Your best bet.
Price: B310 (200g)



Moccona Yuck!

“Rough” doesn’t come close to describing the finish of this acrid cup of bitter black water. Don’t expect to taste much beyond the lingering sense of chemical intervention. 
Verdict: Trouble brewing. 
Price: B129 (190g)