For many Thais, having fair skin is the highest beauty standard. Billboards and TV commercials feature fair-skinned models showing off their “luminous” complexions—acquired by using brightening serums and moisturizers, “extra whitening” eye creams, deodorants and more. The country’s skincare market is practically screaming, “lighter skin = more beautiful.” 

But there’s one local brand not on board with the norm.

The newly debuted Athit wants you to embrace your natural tanned skin, and its sworn mission is to celebrate natural beauty—in a range of darker skin tones. The brand claims its products can also help minimize blemishes, as well as elevate your skin's natural glow. Key ingredients include essential oils and plant-based extracts. 

Star products include Sunglow Long Lasting Glow Daily Body Treatment (B1,050), which helps tighten, smooth and improve your skin’s elasticity, as well as adding a glossy, glowy complexion to your skin. Meanwhile, if you want to give your skin a little makeover, check out Sunbeam Radiating Tanning Booster Serum (B950). With key ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and the brand’s proprietary Golden Complex, this self-tan serum is said to help develop radiant, sun-kissed skin in 6-10 hours. Just add a few drops to your moisturiser or face oil, then apply evenly to your face and body and you’re good to go. 

Stay tuned for Sundance, a blend of remedial oils that help fix uneven skin tones, for a more energized complexion. 

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