Jasberry—Organic Rice Tea 
Jasberry provides five antioxidant-loaded teas distinguished by color: purple, white, red, orange and green. Highlights include Eternal Health (purple), which contains roasted organic Jasberry rice, organic green tea, butterfly pea and pandanus; and Beautiful Harmony, a caffeine-free tea which will help you relax for a good night’s sleep. Email jasberrygift@gmail.com for the catalogue. 
02-691-2370, 39/3 Soi Rajchadanivej, Samsennok District. www.fb.com/siamorganic

The Tea Warehouse 
The Tea Warehouse offers ready-to-drink cold-brew tea (starting from B55); a variety of blended and flavored authentic tea leaves (250g/B105) ranging from sweet dawn Rooibos, black tea, andherbal tea to fruity tea; plus tea accessories(starting from B120). You can also pop into their office, The Tea Warehouse, to select the products yourself—all you need to do is just give them a ring beforehand. 
7 Charansanitwong 49/1, 097 120-3822. www.fb.com/theteawarehouse

Urbie—Mulberry tea
Urbie provides healthy Mulberry tea, which helps lower cholesterol and sugar levels in your blood, prevent obesity and enhance your metabolism. We recommend the no-sugar bottled mulberry leaf (350ml/B26), mulberry leaf tea (B120 per can) and roasted rice green tea (B150 per package). 
Ekkamai Soi 4, 095-957-9417. www.fb.com/UrbieThailand