When the PlayBook first came out, all everyone could talk about was how it couldn’t do email unless you tethered it via Bluetooth to a BlackBerry. Now the OS2.0 fixes that, and more.

The New

- A remote function allows you to use your Blackberry’s trackpad as a controller for the PlayBook and even other devices, such as PCs or even any Android tablet.
- Print-to-go function allows PCs to transfer documents to your PlayBook easily and wirelessly.
- Now supports some Android apps.
- Able to send messages without pairing it with a BlackBerry phone.

The Good

- Matte back cover material feels durable and high-end.
- The ability to combine all your messaging (well except BBM, ironically) such as Facebook, Twitter and any number of email accounts into one place.

The Bad:

- Despite the 5MP rear camera, picture quality isn’t that great.
- It’s a bit heavy.
- Annoying double message and email notifications from your tethered BlackBerry and the PlayBook.

The Verdict:

OS 2.0 fixes the Playbook’s most glaring omission (a standalone email function) but without BBM, and wider support of Android apps, this is clearly a case of too little too late.
7 inch screen, 1GHZ 1GB Ram, 3MP front camera 5MP rear camera. 16GB B16,900, 32GB B18,900, 64GB B21,900.
Available at Blackberry retailers nationwide, try 4/F Central World, 999/9 Rama 1 Rd., 02-640-7000.


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