It’s the moment all Disney fans have been waiting for: The Lion King musical is now up and roaring at Muangthai Ratchadalai Theatre, and it’s (mostly) awesome.

From the moment the sun rises over the Savanna stage setting, the fantasy is real. By the time Timon and Pumba come to life before your eyes, you’ll be transported right back to the magic of childhood.

The incredible costume and mask designs are enlivened by a Broadway score by the likes of Elton John and Hans Zimmer that’ll sometimes have you itching to jump up from your seat and at other times re-energize you when the scenes start to slow. Throw in stunning lighting, choreography and the mechanical ingenuity of the puppets and you’ve got one nostalgia-inducing package.

Thai audiences are also being treated to playful cultural adaptations, including references to Bangkok landmarks and the odd Thai word.

Since its theatrical premier in 1997, The Lion King musical has been performed in eight languages to audiences almost topping 100 million. Adapted from Disney’s beloved 1994 movie, the popularity of the long-running musical shows no signs of slowing.

You can catch the musical until Oct 27, priced from B1,500/ticket.


Photos by Joan Marcus