Anywhere away with you. 

English pop singer Rita Ora will perform in Bangkok for the very first time on Mar 11, 2019.

The announcement comes courtesy of new concert organizer, Passionhead. 



Rita Ora rose to prominence back in 2012 when she appeared on DJ Fresh's "Hot Right Now," which hit #1 in the UK.  

Her second studio album, Phoenix, is due for release in November, but fans have already had a taste thanks to chart-topping hits like "Anywhere" and the star-studded "Girls" feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX. 

Ora's Bangkok concert will take place at the newly launched Outdoor Arena at Crystal Design Centre. Ticket details are still TBA, but you can pre-register here for special promotions. 

While Ora's never officially performed live in Thailand, the singer did appear alongside Snoop Dogg in his 2013 video for "Torn," in which they frolick around the beach in Phuket amid performing elephants, Muay Thai fighters and traditional dancers (see 10 international music videos shot in Thailand).

Check out Rita Ora's clip for "Anywhere" below: