Who: Ganid Thepsrimuang, award-winning photographer
Favorite destinations: Japan, Nepal, Thailand
How did you get started? 
I like traveling but have been on a lot of frustrating trips during which you only have a few minutes to see each place and then you spend the rest of your time shopping. Since I was already teaching photography, I thought I should organize my own photo trips on which people could learn from me. It started with a trip to Nepal.
What are the advantages of going on a photo trip?
Lots of tours take you to visit a certain place first because it’s closest to your hotel. But on photo trips, we consider which time of day you should go to a place, the light conditions and the season. Each place has its peak time: you go to Japan in March or April if you want to see the sakura in bloom. Jiuzhaigou, in China, has a two-week period in October when the colors of the leaves contrast perfectly with the blue lake. We make sure you visit each place in the right season.
How much does it cost to join a photo trip?
it is about the same as a regular trip—air ticket, accommodation, meals and traveling expenses—plus a tuition fee. I know where the right spots are, which light conditions are the best and what it takes to see the best of your destination. I research and plan a lot to make sure you see exactly what you want to see. 

Sam Phan Bok in Ubon Ratchathani

Let’s Go Kak: Saeb

Who: Nitipol Temprim, professional photographer  
Favorite destinations: Burma, Nepal, Hong Kong
How to join:
How did you get started? 
I was a graphic designer and passionate about taking photos. I learned of the website and went on a photo trip with them. I was so impressed, getting to know so many amazing people and learning lots of photography techniques and tips. In turn I became a photo trip organizer for Pixpros House camera store, arranging trips for budding photographers both in Thailand and abroad. 
What’s the best thing about a photo trip?
Taking pictures pushes you to observe things around you more closely. Certain destinations around Thailand are more popular today due to photographs taken at them. Even going to the same old holiday destinations, photography gives you a different point of view, so it‘s never boring.
What trips do you have planned?
I’ve done trips to Hong Kong, Burma and around Thailand. The next trip is in October to Burma again, and next year I’m planning my very first trip to New Zealand. I plan to have a celebrity join us, to attract newcomers, to share ideas, and to provide an individual point of view on taking pictures. 

Bromo, Indonesia

Weerapong Chaipuck

Who: A former radiologist, professional photographer
Favorite destinations: Northern and Northeastern Thailand, Indonesia
How to join:
How did you get started?
I posted my pictures on photo sites like, Flickr, and My photos received good feedback, as foreigners were fascinated with the amazing sights of Thailand, like Mae Taeng Elephant Sanctuary, or the Karen tribes who live in the mountains of Northern Thailand. There was one American man who saw my photos, loved taking photos and wanted to travel to Thailand. So, I went on a trip with him—that was my first trip. I realized there was a demand for, a proper photo trip unlike regular tours where you can’t even finish setting up your tripod before you are asked to return to the coach and leave. 
What are the main differences between photo trips and regular trips?
We have a completely different schedule; there are times when we stay up all night waiting for the precise moment to see the stars or sunrise. We have breakfast after sunrise, go to sleep during the day when the light isn’t right for taking photos, and then come back to life around sunset.   
What are the perks of taking part in a photo trip?
You get to hang out with people who share the same passion and speak the same language. 


The Essence of Traditional Life in Sumba, Indonesia
Nihiwatu Resort is organizing a one-week photography workshop retreat from Oct 23-30 on Sumba Island, East Indonesia. The workshop retreat will let you explore the local culture and connect with the environment while learning the art of documentary photography from National Geographic photographer Sebastian Suki Beláustegui. All photography levels are welcome. Price $5,499 (B176, 544). For enquiries, email


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