VietJet ( has launched new daily flights between Bangkok and central Vietnam's port city of Da Nang, as of Oct 15.

The one-hour-45-minute flights depart from Bangkok at 11:10am and from Da Nang at 13.35pm, with round-trip flights starting at around B5,782.

These aren't the first flights directly connecting the two cities, but they are considerably cheaper than Bangkok Airways' options (from about B12,160/roundtrip). AirAsia also flies the route with prices (very occasionally) starting from a dirt-cheap B2,905/round-trip. A little extra competition hopefully means we'll see more of those promotions. 

A booming seaside town, Da Nang is home to floating markets and old colonial Vietnamese architecture, as well as a slew of major resort developments. The city sits in close proximity to picturesque Hoi An (just a 40-minute drive away) and Hue (two hours), another famous ancient town.