If you’ve been devoid of inspiration the past three months, some art might do the trick. Thanks to this Instagram exhibition, called Make Living Great Again, you can check out cool snaps from the streets of Bangkok and remain socially responsible at the same time.

The exhibition features the work of 10 street photographers. Their series of shots portray the lives of Bangkokians, who despite the change in societal norms and lifestyle brought upon us by the pandemic, have continued to live with hope. According to the organizers, that ties into the goal of the exhibition, which is for the public to view this moment in time with an optimistic outlook.

This is a “real-time exhibition,” meaning the images are revealed continuously over time, which makes sense—we’re talking about social media, after all.

The exhibition will run for 30 days and can be viewed on Instagram @makelivinggreatagain and Facebook from today onwards.