With canceled festivals limiting revenue streams for artists and no signs of the “old normal” we’re all longing for, Thai musicians have faced new challenges in the pursuit of their art as listening habits have changed. But many have kept creating new music. Here are some Thai artists to keep tabs on, whether you’re streaming or able to catch an end-of-year festival in 2021.


Credit: Death of a Salesman


Death of a Salesman

Label: Believe Music
Veteran alternative rock band Death of a Salesman is making waves online after ending their 20-year hiatus with the single “Steal” last month, the first time they’ve been featured on streaming services like Spotify and Youtube. This song talks about the feeling of getting your hopes and dreams slashed, taken away, or “stolen,” and replaced by false promises. A very fitting song for many, considering the ongoing situation.
Tracks that will hook you: “Steal”
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Credit: Kunst


Label: Parabolica Records
Formed in 2015, Kunst is a Bangkok-based sextuplet bringing the fuzzy 90s shoegaze sound (think My Bloody Valentine) back to life. Inspired by different genres, Kunst synthesizes their love of dream pop, Britpop, and post rock into their own style. Their upcoming EP, the offensively named “Super Retard,” is a collection of five songs they’ve written since their formation. The song “Dry Tears,” in particular, is the sonic equivalent of that optimistic friend who comforts you during your darkest moments.

Tracks that will hook you: “Dry Tears,” “Test Drive,” “Road Rage”
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Credit: Yonlapa


Label: Minimal Records
Fans of international indie acts like Boy Pablo or Mac DeMarco, or local indie heros like Phum Viphurit or Yellow Fang, will like Yonlapa. The indie pop band hailing from Chiang Mai has built a name for itself on the Internet over the past couple of years. Fans love them for their lyrics (sung in perfect English), the bright, atmospheric guitars, and melodic basslines. With six-figure streams for all their songs on Spotify, it’s only onwards and upwards for the young quartet.
Tracks that will hook you: “Sweetest Cure,” “Let Me Go,” “Why, Why, Why”
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Credit: Daniel Ryn

Daniel Ryn

Label: Karma Sounds
After releasing the lo-fi-sounding EP “Dreams” last year, up-and-coming indie pop artist Daniel Ryn recently dropped a new music video for his single “Honey Butter,” a song about one person’s longing for long-term love over temporary lust. For all the lonely lovebirds and sweethearts of the Internet, listening to this song might make your mind wander with its playful lyrics. Musically, it’s got substance, too, with its mix of r’n’b, soul, and funk all rolled into a modern-sounding package.
Tracks that will hook you: “Honey Butter”
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Hariguem Zaboy

Label: Flaxxist Records
While most Thai indie band names sound random or make no sense at all, this band’s name was randomly named on purpose, according to the frontman. But random isn’t a word that you’d associate with their music. Think raw, punk-inspired riffs, reminiscent of the early Nirvana sound. Their latest album, “John Young Sandwich,” features 14 tracks full of angst and no-bullshit rawness that will keep you on your toes.
Tracks that will hook you: “The Dell,” “Mind Triggers”
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Credit: TangBadVoice


Label: Independent
Chiang Mai-born, Bangkok-based street photographer Tawanwad Wanavit (a.k.a. TangBadVoice) reinvigorated the Thai rap scene with the three-track EP “No One Plays With Me.” Led by the massively viral “Pred Pa” (“A Ghoul, No?”), the EP offers fiery satire and straight-faced humor. TangBadVoice incorporates braggadocio rap repurposed as gags (“Lan Neung”), but also social commentary (“Tang Arai”). Despite its sub-10-minute length, “No One Plays With Me” packs a punch.
Tracks that will hook you: “Pred Pa,” “Lan Neung,” “Tang Arai”
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Credit: Pisitakun


Label: Chinabot
Politically outspoken Thai visual artist/producer Pisitakun Kuntalang followed up 2018’s “SOSLEEP” with the highly topical “Absolute C.O.U.P.” Inspired by the country’s long history with military coups d’etat, the album offers up a dissonant dose of experimental noise music built on stern techno beats and military marching drums. His songs are laced with eclectic samples ranging from rural folk music molam and luk thung to a 2014 speech by Prayut Chan-ocha (“ArArMyMy”) and Thai royal anthem (“MoMoNarNarChy”).
Tracks that will hook you: “MoMoNarNarChy,” “ArArMyMy”
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Special mention


Thai Shoegaze and Related Genre Compilation Vol.2: Normalexotic 

This standout compilation has a lot to love. “Normalexotic’” is the second installment of an exciting project by The Year Shoegaze Broke, a growing online community for Thai shoegaze fans. This album not only brings together shoegaze artists in Thailand, but also post-punk, dream pop, surf rock, noise rock, and experimental bands. If you like sweet melodies against a backdrop of saturated guitars, this will be an excellent surprise.
Tracks that will hook you: “Dry Tears” “alwaysalwaysimissyouimissyou,” “i want you in the morning”
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Which artists or bands have caught your attention this year?



Maft Sai, owner of Zudrangma Records and Studio Lam

"Lately, I've been listening to Rattanakosin Breakin' Crew. They're a Thai funk brass band with only four or five songs on Youtube. I discovered them at Wonderfruit in 2019, and they’ve since played at Studio Lam, too. Another band I like now is Scoutland. They’re a jazz trio I discovered only a few weeks ago at the “Nowhere Special” exhibition at Bangkok CityCity gallery."



Donratcharat "Nut" Phromsoonthornsakul, content creator at Fungjai

"I love Hinano for her creative use of opera techniques within original, classic pop songs, JIPI, the multi-talented indie folk artist, for the blend of world and electronic music in songs that talk about the stories you may encounter in life, and Laugh Laugh Laugh, a super indie group with members from bands like Yerm, T_047, and Kunst specializing in English songs."



Kiratra "Ki" Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn, director of Have You Heard?

"Hariguem Zaboy is a band I always enjoy seeing live, while Soft Pine gives me lo-fi pop to unwind to. Scoutland is unexpected jazz when you’re in the mood for something different."