Thai dessert shop blows up the internet with sweets that look like Buddhist amulets

April, 2021
Independent Thai dessert shop Madam Choops became an online sensation after it posted pictures of its colorful, homemade sweets resembling Buddhist amulets. Shortly thereafter, things went off the rails, and the shop caught some heat it never wanted. 

Bo.lan is closing, this time for good 

May, 2021
After more than a decade in business, chefs Duangporn “Bo” Songvisava and Dylan Jones closed their pioneering fine dining restaurant Bo.lan for good, highlighting just how heavy a toll pandemic restrictions took on the city’s dining scene. 

Massive golf and entertainment complex from the U.S. to open in Bangkok

July, 2021
The global golf and entertainment brand Topgolf announced it would open its first branch in Southeast Asia at Megacity in mid-2022—we still haven’t learned of its exact opening date yet, but everyone sure was excited about it.

Travel blogger misses the mark in Afghanistan controversy

August, 2021
When Monthon “Mint” Kasantikul, the figure behind I Roam Alone, a solo travel blog with millions of followers, went to Afghanistan as the country was descending into chaos, she divided the Thai internet. BK editor Craig Sauers wrote a piece explaining why her journey was so awkward and unfortunate. (You can check out her Afghanistan vlog here.) 

Thailand’s first Olympic 10k runner aims for more than a medal

July 2021
Kieran Tuntivate became Thailand’s first Olympic competitor in the 10,000 meter race at the Tokyo Games this year. We talked with the blazing-fast newcomer about his dreams of putting Thailand on the map in track and field. 

Le Normandie’s head chef departs, will open first restaurant in Bangkok

Sep, 2021
After nine years as chef de cuisine at Le Normandie, the French fine dining powerhouse at the Mandarin Oriental, Arnaud Dunand bid farewell this year. Now, he’s gearing up to open up his first restaurant, Maison Dunand. Juicy stuff!

Sink your teeth in this beef wellington mooncake

Sep, 2021
This year, many hotels and restaurants tried to up their game by adding creative twists to traditional mooncakes. One Thai chef, however, went full galaxy brain, swapping the usual sweet or savory ingredients with a juicy beef wellington filling

Thailand approves sandbox; reopening promo video gets savaged online

Jun, 2021
When the Tourism Authority of Thailand launched a promo video to extol the reopening of the country, right as Covid-19 cases were peaking, it met a furious backlash. Almost instantly the video was taken down. 

Footage shows Scala theater being demolished–not saved at all

November, 2021
Despite its initial promise to keep the old Scala structure intact, Bangkok’s most beloved theater Scala was recorded being torn down in November—another blow to heritage preservation efforts in Bangkok.