“If humans are behind the teachings, then humans should have the right to criticize and change them as well—even if it may take a long journey to make that a reality.”  
LGBTQ+ activist Sirisakposh Chaitedspice, who challenged monastic traditions in Thailand. (June, 2021)
“What is really frustrating is we know there is a budget [from our tax contributions], but we are never on their list for help. Right now, I’m trying to save my staff as much as I can. They are humans who deserve human dignity. But we’re not sure the government sees it that way.”
Sugrid Pongkumpund, whose bar, Jim’s Burger, was forced to close because of pandemic restrictions. (June, 2021)
Image courtesy of Uninspired by Current Events
“With this authoritarian regime, anything can be uninspiring. I would say it’s the system that is the most uninspiring.”
Freelance animator Saratta Cheungsatiansup, who has made a splash online with his dark, surreal works on Uninspired by Current Events. (July, 2021)
Image courtesy of Kanin Puktiwong / Mae menu nhee tham ngai
“Her accident left me with a lot of questions about our working culture. Why do we have to sacrifice family time for work? Why do people need to leave their hometowns and go to Bangkok to work?”
Kanin “Kay” Puktiwong, a 27-year-old freelance creative who recreates his mother’s recipes for his endearing cooking channel, Mae menu nhee tham ngai. (September, 2021)
Image courtesy of Kan Sangtong
“They tell us we should return home before curfew [even if the protests continue]. We need to question why they never protect us.”
Kan Sangtong, a former teacher who now captures the action on the frontlines of the pro-democracy protests. (October, 2021)
“I received death threats from Phuket residents after publishing the film.”
Jittarin “Thank” Wuthipan, a film student whose short three-minute film still on my mind went viral online a year after the late king’s death. (October, 2021)