At an event on Tuesday, Sai Yok Springs launched a new sustainable and locally sourced mineral water from the waters of one of Thailand’s most famous national park areas. 
With reusable glass bottles and a closed-loop reuse system, the new brand features still and sparkling mineral water from the springs of Sai Yok in Kanchanaburi just a few hours west of Bangkok.
Hotels and restaurants will be the first adopters, a representative from Sai Yok Springs tells BK, but they hope to start delivering to households as well. The Sai Yok Springs warehouse is located in Bangkok on Chan Road, and the brand aims to tackle the immense waste problem of the F&B industry.
Crates contain 12 bottles, and bottles range in price from B64-72 for sparkling and B51-59 for still depending on the order quantity. Radach & Family Organics is behind Sai Yok Springs, and the used glass bottles are collected, refilled, and redistributed and bottles can be reused up to 200 times. 
Thailand generates two million tonnes of plastic waste every year, and only 25% of that waste is recycled.