Thonglor’s not-so-secret speakeasy bar, Find the Locker Room, is now featuring a newly launched dim sum menu, and it’s surprisingly affordable–for Thonglor anyway. 
Doubting Thomases may ask how an award-winning booze bar can serve up quality-dim sum. The brains behind the Locker Room have teamed up with Ping’s restaurant, which has served authentic Chinese food for more than two decades. 
But simply serving up random dumplings would be too easy, and the bar owner Rojanat “Ping” Chareonsri knows that. 
“The idea is to let our customers have these affordable dim sum while coming to our venue,” Ping tells BK Magazine. “But we also want to make all these adjustments to make these dumplings match our style.” 
Instead of using regular liquor, he swaps Japanese umeshu for his Chinese drunken chicken. For dumplings, he asks chefs from Ping’s restaurant to paint them black to match the bar’s sleek, sultry interior. A platter of gelatinous jellyfish swimming in spicy hot sauce, meanwhile, is quite moreish and disappears in a flash.   
The new dim sum menu starts at B80, but if you arrive there early, you can get them for B50 during its happy hour (5pm-7pm) and wash them all down with the Locker Room’s cocktails. 
All-black steamed buns. Photo: BK Magazine
The shrimp shumai. Photo: BK Magazine.
Sesame jellyfish salad. Photo: BK Magazine. 
Photo: BK Magazine.