Ekkamai’s speakeasy Playroom has launched its chapter two menu, and they are all about sex.
One Night Stand and Orgy Island. 
Taking a glance through these nine brand new drinks, you might catch yourself laughing at the names and/or unapologetically naugthy illustrations—like a bottle of champagne splashing white all over someone's face, for example.
The sensually-themed menu starts with One Night Stand (B420), a photogenic mix of pleasantly sour Demonio De Los Andes Pisco, absinthe, Peychaud's bitters, jasmine, apple, strawberry, and lemon. A reference to Fifty Shades of Grey, Miss Steele (B420) sees a fizzy gin-based cocktail mixed with lavender, blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, and cream topped with soda—literally a dessert in a cup. 
The must-try drink, however, is Orgy Island (B420) featuring a Ketel vodka-based cocktail with a splash of Chadon Blut, pineapple, and coconut topped with airy grape bubbles. 
One Night Stand (B420). Image courtesy of Playroom 
Miss Steele (B420). Image courtesy of Playroom
Orgy Island (B420). Image courtesy of Playroom. 
Gentle's Man Club (B420). Image courtesy of Playroom
End's Game (B420). Image courtesy of Playroom.