If there was one boozery that was going to survive the pandemic, it was always going to be the one that looks like a morgue. The Hair of the Dog’s original Ploenchit craft beer joint in Mahatun Plaza will be opening again for business on the 28th of January, refreshed and revamped.
“We survived the pandemic and used it as an opportunity to make some renos and make it even more badasser,” co-founder Pete Spalding told BK Magazine by email. “Expanded the size of the bar, more fridges, more seats, and a whole new area for those that like to drink gin with their beer.”
The location has been closed for more than 18 months, Spalding says. In an announcement on social media the craft brew brainiacs said that they had made the location “even awesomer.” HotD is the brainchild of Mikkeller Bangkok founder Mike MacDonald and Pete Spalding.
“Reason we're opening is because it's been two years and we thought fuggit let's open,” Spalding says.
Hair of the Dog has another location in Phrom Phong.
Mahatun Plaza, 2nd Floor, 888/26 Ploenchit Road