Pork prices in Bangkok are no joke, but one bar in Soi Nana is cashing in on the pork-flation by selling six pieces of pork shumai for B999. 
Expensive? For Teens of Thailand, the price is reasonable for what you get, namely an hour to drink “drinks” – all the drinks you can drink. The drinks are the drinks, no further questions, please. You know what they are. 

This is not the first time the brains behind Teens of Thailand have gotten creative in the age of Covid. The sly Bangkok boozery even shifted to selling Kratom-kicked drinks in October and were raided by the fuzz soon after.  
“We couldn’t sell much during the four-hour window [the government] gave us,” co-owner Gun Leelhasuwan tells BK, referring to the amount of time restaurants are allowed to sell the drinks from 5pm-9pm. 
In Bangkok, bars and entertainment venues have been shuttered since April last year. Many bars have been forced to change their license to sell food in order to operate normally.