Chrysanthemum, oolong and hibiscus. Peppermint and ginger. These are the teas that will be key in a Thonglor cafe’s quest to lend a stretched pinky to boozy drinks.

Best known for quality teas, Te Time and Space has spun off a tippling doppelganger, After Te Time. At night, the second floor turns into a speakeasy where Papphot “Por” Ratanakul shakes delicious cocktails made of tea blends.

Por applies his bartending skills with the quality tea blends of his sister shop. Through one experiment after another, Por told us that he found gins go fantastically with teas. 

Among the tea cocktails are the Midsummer Gimlet (B280) made with French rose tea, organic hibiscus, and mulberry leaves matched with gin and angostura bitters. 

Drinkers of a classic, calming chamomile, should give the Chamomile Ginfizz (B280) a try for its mix of gin, chamomile tea, chrysanthemum, marigold, licorice, and egg whites. 

Fans of decent spice and herbal flavors can easily fall in love in Hae! Chodchaii (B280), a rum-spiked cocktail using “Spice Potion” (spiced tea blend of ginger, Japanese peppermint tea, and mulberry leaves), and sugar cane syrup for a light sweet touch. Expect a smoky scent of rosemary in each sip. 

If it’s a warm glass you want, opt for soothing Hot Gin Toddy (B250), an oolong tea-based boozy gin drink with a kick of citrus and longan honey syrup.

Only six signature cocktails available at the moment, but Por plans to create more tea-infused cocktails in the future. While waiting for those to arrive, guests can browse a wide range of tea blends, teaware, and brewing equipment across from the bar – on sale for reasonable prices.

Since Por works full-time during the day, he will take over the bar only three evenings per week – Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s currently open 6pm to 11pm. 

After Te Time is located above Te Time and Space on Soi Thonglor 25, reachable by motorbike or taxi from BTS Thong Lo.

Hae! Chodchaii (B280)

Midsummer Gimlet (B280)

This article originally appeared on Coconuts Bangkok.