Chef Pim Techamuanvivit has been at the helm of COMO Metropolitan’s Michelin-star nahm since 2018. After only recently reopening on the 2nd of December after months of closure, the hit eatery was awarded its one Michelin star for the fifth year running. The “new year, new me” at nahm comes with an updated menu. 
For the set menus there is the four-course Essence for at B1,900++ and the Heritage set at B2,500++, and the restaurant promises new a la carte options to go with the reopening. Signature dishes on Chef Pim’s new menu include appetizers such as pu sorn klin and miang river prawn with chicken, green Mango, and snake fruit on a betel leaf.
"Cooking is the work of actually putting together delicious food and sourcing good ingredients,” Chef Pim said in a press release announcing the reopening. “I can’t make good food without good ingredients. I find ingredients by going to markets all the time and tasting everything.”
Relying on traditional Thai flavors, nahm is a popular dinner venue to eat and be seen, but the restaurant is also a reliable lunch spot, open from 12-2pm.
COMO Metropolitan, 27 Sathorn Rd., 02-625-3388

All images courtesy of nahm