The 1-Michelin star modern-fine dining flagship Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu, has launched a new culinary journey, boasting a France-meets-Japan approach. 
After welcoming new head chef Gerard Villaret Horcajo rom the Ciel Bleu mothership in Amsterdam, the menu has adopted more nose-to-tail cooking techniques in many of his dishes to cater to conscientious diners.
Dubbed the Summer Guestronomic Journey, the 8-dining-course Mizu menu starts with three amuse bouches, seeing meringue anchovies laden with Japanese furikake, chicken crispy river prawn with nori mayo, and watermelon stuffed with smoked tofu. 
The first course arrives with plump hamachi (Japanese amberjack) with sweet peas, oysters, and fermented rhubarb, giving off a refreshing but subtly sweet tang when combined. 
Next came the smoked dutch eel, sourced fresh from the Netherlands and smoked to provide fragrant notes topped with watercress, thick creme fraiche, and a generous portion of Oscietra caviars––save some of the sauce for dipping with buckwheat breads. 
Among our favorites is Norway’s langoustine prawns served in a succinct-yet complex orange ninjin (Japanese tiny carrots) sauce, a mixture of apples and chamomile offering a pleasant tang. 
The courses are available in three options: a 4-course dining experience Kuki for B3,800; 6-course dining Chikyu for B4,600; and the 8-course dining experience for B5,900. Wine pairing options start at B2,000. If wine isn’t your thing, we also recommend their housemade kombucha pairing from B700-B1,400. 
25/F, The Okura Prestige, 57 Wireless Rd. Tel. 02-687-9000, 02-687-9099. Website:
Hamachi. Photo: Porpor Leelasestaporn / BK Magazine. 
Smoked Dutch Eel. Photo: Porpor Leelasestaporn / BK Magazine. 
Langoustine. Photo: Porpor Leelasestaporn / BK Magazine. 
Hokkaido Scallop with furikake. Photo: Porpor Leelasestaporn / BK Magazine. 
Fleur de Courgette A La Barigoule. Photo: Porpor Leelasestaporn / BK Magazine. 
Kamichiku A5 Satsuma Wagyu. Photo: Porpor Leelasestaporn / BK Magazine. 

Shimizu Peach. Photo: Porpor Leelasestaporn / BK Magazine.