• | Jun 26, 2015
Credit : Staeiou

1. All this rain. This is no weather to leave home.

If there’s ever been a season to get a new TV in Thailand, this is it.

Credit : Lucy

2. Netflix (or almost).

Set top boxes finally brought quality digital TV to Thai homes but it’s the Netflix-like streaming services we’re really excited about. PrimeTime, for example, offers movies in HD and Ultra HD (4K). Sign up now and you can watch five movies for free (www.goprimetime.tv). It’s legal, it’s cheap and the image quality is perfect. But if your TV is still stuck on 720p or 1080p HD, you’re really not getting the most out of these new services. Ultra HD actually has four times as many pixels as full HD (Blu Ray). So don’t let all that detail go to waste and get yourself a screen that actually plays 4K content.

Credit : True Detective

3. Shows Come Out at the Same Time as in the USA

We’re just psyched about True Detective Season Two. The successful HBO original series is back with a gripping investigation into California’s dark underbelly. Starring Vince Vaughn, Taylor Kitsch, Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams. The new season premieres 9am, Jun 22, Thai time--simultaneously with the US! So call in sick that day because one hour later it’s the start of Ballers, a new HBO original series centered around ex-American football star Spencer Strassmore (Dwayne Johnson). Premieres 10am, Jun 22. This all screens in HD, not UHD, though. So make sure your TV has a great upscaling function to make the most of it.

4. Immersive Screens at Home

Bangkok’s VIP cinemas come with couch-like seats and a very private atmosphere. But you know what’s even more comfy and private? Your living room. What’s more, curved screens, such as those used in IMAX theatres, are now available at home thanks to the Samsung 4K SUHD TV. By having the outer edges of the image that little bit closer to your eyes, the image appears larger and sharper from edge to edge. Just like IMAX, minus the tourists chatting loudly in the row behind you.

5. TVs Finally Look As Good as the Rest of Your Stuff.

You’ve got a metal-edge smartphone, your laptop is made from a single block of aluminum, your retro headphones are trimmed in leather. Are you really going to settle for a TV with a plastic-y look? Samsung’s SUHD TVs come with chamfered metal edges and the JS9000 even comes with unique “sherring” design on the back making the screen a real work of art from every angle.

6. Picture Quality is Visibly Better

Recent improvements in technology have dramatically boosted color intensity, sharpness and the deepness of blacks for 4K TVs. Samsung has gone even further, rolling out some impressive new tricks as it makes the leap from UHD to SUHD. There are two key things going on here. One is the nano-crystal semiconductors which produce a much higher color purity and a range of tones 64 times wider than regular 4K TVs. The second element is the sheer amount of live re-mastering the TV accomplishes on the fly, ensuring both brighter images and pitch-black blacks as it constantly fine tunes contrast for the best possible image at all times.

7. TVs are Smart. Finally.

TVs have been connected to the internet for a few years. But it’s been a pretty lackluster experience so far. With Multi Link Screen technology, Samsung SUHD TVs enable you to view your content in a multi-screen environment just like a desktop browser. You can now watch a Youtube video while the news plays in a second window and you scroll through previews of your favorite shows in another. It all plays nicely with your other Samsung gadgets and runs smoothly thanks to a super powerful octa-core processor.

Tempted? There are currently two Samsung 4K SUHD TVs to choose from: the 65” JS9000 and the positively huge 78” JS9500. Find out more at www.samsung.com/th/consumer/tv-av/tv/suhd.