• | Dec 16, 2016

1. Know your defs

“Without a doubt, the screen needs to support 4k resolution—that is 2160p, or roughly 8 million pixels, which is about four times better than what your average TV can display. That doesn’t just mean amazing resolution, but also faster images and almost five times the color range. So make sure you check for the 4K, or Ultra HD, label.” - Beartai Hitech team


2. Get the right speed

“Old TVs have a refresh rate of 60Hz. That means the image is refreshed 60 times per second. You want to look for refresh rates of 120hz and above (120 refreshes per second). At 144hz, you can start playing demanding first-person shooter video games.” - Pathompong Phongsaporamut (NotyNote)


3. Your phone and your TV need to talk

“Your TV should have mirror image functions that are compatible with as many different systems as possible. This means you can project what you do on your phone onto the TV, which brings listening to music, watching videos, and playing online games to a new level.” - Kasem Wongsakun (Rocklee)


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4. Ports: These are the ones you need

“You’ll need a high-speed HDMI 2.0 cable, as standard speed cables are not able to handle 4K. Make sure your TV has as many of these ports as possible—look for at least four. That way, you have space to plug in other things, like games consoles. If you’re connecting PC to TV, a DisplayPort cable is best. USB slots are nice but not crucial.” - Pathompong Phongsaporamut (NotyNote)


5. Make sure your TV is a super computer

“Nowadays, most TVs are “smart” and able to do things you can do on your computer—connect to internet, stream movies, run apps, etc. They shouldn’t lag or freeze when running different programs. Check that your TV has an input lag within the 40ms range.”  - Beartai Hitech team

Who are they?

Kasem Wongsakun (Rocklee), 
Owner of the Signature TV Youtube channel, an online gaming channel that focuses on competitive combat games such as Dota and CS:Go. It currently has over 26,000 subscribers. 
Pathompong Phongsaporamut (NotyNote), EMP channel
Founder of the EMP Youtube channel, an online gaming channel that has gained over 330,000 subscribers through its entertaining gameplay, review and vlog videos. 
Beartai Hitech team
Widely considered as one of the country's best tech blogs, Beartai Hitech covers all things to do with IT and lifestyle with articles on gaming, photography, gadgets, phones, cinema, music and more.  (www.beartai.com)

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