A new "auto spa" opened in Vipavadee Rangsit, and it looks good enough to be a hipster barbershop: navy blue palette, barber pole out front, and handsome guys in tidy aprons.

They offer a lengthy menu of services, from basic cleaning (B500) to full service interior cleaning (B6,000) and high-gloss coatings (starting from B14,000). Even your windows can get coated (B2,000).

What is common to all their services is the antibacterial product they use on all interiors, so that your car is as clean as it looks. They also look out for little details, such as ensuring your seat is set the way you left it when you dropped off your ride. “We want it to feel like a spa,” say the owners, who are also behind the 20-year-old Benz Auto Service.

While importing your cleaning products isn’t exactly new in the world of high-end car spas, these guys have taken their obsessive compulsive attention to detail to new heights thanks to their imported tools. Have a look:

These professional detailing brushes can get grime out of hard-to-reach areas, particularly on your dashboard: vents, crevices and buttons. They also work to clean emblems and door handles.

The compressor kettle is a special tool for your car's engine bay. The nozzle emits pressurized cleaning liquid in hard-to-reach places.

This tiny little tool from German brand Festool is to finalize the scrubbing process, where every single detail and tiny scratch on your car is scrubbed out. It's the last step before the coating process, so technicians have to be very careful they're not locking any grime under the coat.

After coating using a proprietary Auto Essence coating formula, technicians will use this tiny little pad to hand buff your car to glossy perfection.

Other services include leather restoration and window tint films. Find out more at fb.com/autoessencebangkok or head out their debut store at 78 Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd., 02-938-5555.

From Jan 21, 2017, get a free Ozone treatment (worth B1,500) when you purchase the Interior Cleaning Package (starting from B6,000)This Chinese New Year promotion runs till the end of February.


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