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IdeaPad U Series
Notebook Nostalgia
Olympus Pen E-P5
The Best New Retro-Style Cameras
For those who want something that looks as good as the pictures it takes, here’s our roundup of the latest retro-style cameras.
Battlefield 4
Xbox and PS4 Games Roundup - Christmas 2013
Here are the top releases owners of the next-gen consoles out this month in the USA (and at a dodgy MBK or Pantip shop near you) will be craving this Christmas.
Tech Review: Samsung Note 3
Phablets, which sit somewhere between a smartphone and tablet, are a pretty niche category. The Samsung Note 3 does fit in your jeans pocket, but not comfortably or discreetly. The tradeoff is a...
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Review
After the release last year of the world’s first Android-powered camera, the Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung now rolls out a new toy, a blend between a smartphone and a compact digital camera,...
Tech Review: Canon EOS-M
Windows Surface RT
Samsung NX300
Review: Bangkok’s TV Set-top Box Options
TV set-top boxes, they’re multiplying. Here’s our roundup of True’s competition, and our take on which one will best fit your tastes.
Acer Iconia W3
Tech Review: 5 New Tablets Hitting The Market
Our roundup of the latest tablets on the market.
Nikon AW110
Bangkok's Tech Startup Scene is Booming
A host of tech meet-ups every month, a mushrooming of venture capitalists and more startups than you can shake a 4G device at—Bangkok is getting very, very geek-friendly. Here, we ask the scene...
Shot for Shot: The Best Smartphone Cameras on the Market
We test four of the hottest smartphones to see whose snapshots come out on top.
Interview: Facebook Comic Jay the Rabbit
Jay the Rabbit is a hilarious Facebook comic whose titular character is witty and often bitchy. Jay’s cleverly-worded comments on trying to be beautiful, finding love and being addicted to...